What to wear in New York City depends on the weather and your itinerary, of course—but regardless of season or activity, carry this knowledge: New York thrives on individuality. Wear what makes you feel good, and take the opportunity to test new styles and make bold statements.

More than any other city in America, the Big Apple inspires people from all backgrounds to walk in their own rhythm and fearlessly express their personal style.

What to pack for New York in December

December is when New York fills up for the most magical time of the year. This is a packing list for a week in New York City during winter.

You’ll need to pack a warm jacket for winter in New York City. It gets cold and you should dress appropriately. December in New York is cold. The temperature in New York in December is around 4 degrees Celsius or 39 degrees Fahrenheit.  There can be snow in late November, December, and January, however, most days will not be snowing.  Still, you want to dress warmly as the wind chill can make it feel colder than it is!

1-2 pairs of jeans or pants that keep you toasty! You don’t need to wear snow pants as the snow is mostly out of the way (besides the dirty snow next to the curb). (New York is good at taking care of the snow most of the time.)  I’m not that prone to getting cold, however, a lined pair of jeans might be good if you’re not used to the snow.

A scarf. The wind-chill can be a bit much, so it feels good to hide your neck/face in a cozy scarf!  Most people really love having a circle scarf as they find that it’s more comfortable to wear it and it’s harder to lose…

You’ll be walking a lot more than you would at home, so bring a good pair of sneakers, boots, or flats that you can walk miles in.  Heels, as lovely as they are, are a mistake unless you’re used to wearing them regularly for hours.

5 long-sleeve shirts to wear underneath your clothes.  If you are a huge fan of layering, a basic cotton long-sleeve shirt is a great basic.

Gloves that allow you to use your phone.  When it’s cold out, there’s something so nice about not needing to take off your gloves to check something on your phone. Of course, you are in NY, you will need to take tons of pictures. Honestly, any pair of gloves should work well!

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