According to a recent study, 15% of workplaces have now adopted a much more casual approach to dressing for the office. Whether that’s because style mixing became the new formal or any other reason, nowadays, there are plenty of new rules when it comes to what to wear at work.  We’ve selected 5 outfits that can inspire you for choosing what to wear during the week.

Tips: You can start the week with a formal outfit: white shirt and grey pants. Use some accessories to break the “formality”.

Tips: Blazers are always a saver. They can make every casual look seem formal and the vice versa.

Tips: Skirt is a universally flattering piece, so we’d be remiss to ignore its power. For a more feminine look try a patterned shirt with a beautiful mini skirt.

Tips: Combining suit with vans, why not? This outfit is perfect because you can keep your business look but at the same time be comfortable in your shoes.

Tips: Most of the offices Friday is an opportunity to dress down and be super casual. It’s the last working day so mostly you are already tired of choosing outfits and you just want to wear something very comfortable and cozy. Just go for it.

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